Fernandes Precision Bass FPB-60 Black - Japan Vintage Fernandes-Kopie eines Fender Precision Basses Maple Neck - Maple Fingerboard Black Finish Made in Japan von Tokai ca. 1980 Gotoh Tuners Push-Pull-Poti für Normal/Powerful-Sound Kleinere Kratzer und Lackabplatzer Klarlack an der Kopfplatte teilweise abgeblättert Hals und Bünde gut 4,3kg Ein toller Vintagebass mit druckvollem Sound! Fernandes Precision Bass © rickguitars.net  2012. rickguitars@rickguitars.net Rickguitars is not affiliated with 'Rickenbacker International Corporation',  or any other corporate, product or brand. All corporate, product and brand names referred to on this site are registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are used with respect for identification purposes only. rickguitars@rickguitars.net Art.-Nr.: 1728 Fernandes copy of a Fender Precision Bass Maple Neck - Maple Fingerboard Black Finish Made in Japan by Tokai around 1980 Gotoh Tuners Push-pull knob for normal/powerful sound Smaller dings and finish chipping Clear lacquer on the headstock partially chipped off Neck and frets good 4.3kg A great vintage bass with powerful sound! Fernandes Precision Bass Art. No.: 1728 Contact form
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