Greco Precision Bass PB 450 Black - Japan Vintage "Pre JV" Greco-Kopie eines Fender Precision Basses Modell Spacy Sound PB 450 Maple Neck Halsbreite Sattel 43,5mm Black Finish Made in Japan 1980 Sehr guter Zustand Hals und Bünde sehr gut 4,00 kg Gigbag Ein toller Greco Bass aus der Übergangszeit zu Fender JV Greco Precision Bass ©  2012. Rickguitars is not affiliated with 'Rickenbacker International Corporation',  or any other corporate, product or brand. All corporate, product and brand names referred to on this site are registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are used with respect for identification purposes only. Art.-Nr.: 1726 Greco copy of a Fender Precision Bass Model PB 450 Maple Neck Neck width at nut 43.5mm Black Finish Made in Japan 1980 Excellent condition Frets and neck very good 4.00 kg Gigbag A great Greco bass from the transition period to Fender JV Greco Precision Bass Art. No.: 1726 Contact form
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