Tokai Hard Puncher Bass Black Tokai-Kopie eines Fender Precision Basses Modell APB 32 Maple Neck - Bünde gut Black Finish #5110066 - 3,7 kg Baujahr ca. 2000 Kleinere Kratzer und Lackabschürfungen (zum Teil ausgebessert) Sonst guter Zustand Tokai Hard Puncher ©  2012. Rickguitars is not affiliated with 'Rickenbacker International Corporation',  or any other corporate, product or brand. All corporate, product and brand names referred to on this site are registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are used with respect for identification purposes only. Art.-Nr.: 1706 Tokai copy of a Fender Precision bass Model APB 32 Maple Neck - frets good Black Finish #5110066 - 3.7 kg Circa 2000 Smaller scratches and dings (partly mended) Otherwise good condition Tokai Hard Puncher Art. No.: 1706 Contact form
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