Trussrod Tool for Rickenbacker Werkzeug zum Einstellen der Halsstäbe bei Rickenbacker Gitarren und Bässen Extra dünnwandig (0,98 mm) Ideal, wenn zwischen den Stahlstäben und dem Holz der Kopfplatte wenig Platz ist ! Länge ca. 16 cm Nicht für größere Drehmomente geeignet Trussrod Tool ©  2012. Rickguitars is not affiliated with 'Rickenbacker International Corporation',  or any other corporate, product or brand. All corporate, product and brand names referred to on this site are registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are used with respect for identification purposes only. 16,95 € Art.-Nr.: rbpico Tool for adjusting the truss rod of Rickenbacker guitars and basses Very thin-walled (0,98 mm) Ideal for when there’s little space between rods and wood! Length aprox. 16cm Not suited for higher torques Trussrod Tool 16,95 € Art. No.: rbpico Ohne MwSt.-Ausweis, gem. §25a UStG VAT not shown separately Contact form